Monday, December 7, 2015

A Modern Classic: The X-Files (1993)

You know this intro:

Next month, The X-Files returns to Fox for a short run, six episodes in all. The relaunch begins on January 24, then moves to Mondays the next night, where it'll be coupled with Lucifer for the balance of the run, marking time until Gotham returns from its winter break.

The X-Files quickly became a cult favorite after its launch in 1993. The merchandising explosion included the predictable paperback novels, and a comic book adaptation, published initially by Topps, which experimented with a comics line in the mid-90's, which unfortunately didn't last as long as we'd have liked. Currently, IDW holds the license for a comics adaptation, which purports to continue the series as if it had never left television. The current book is subtitled, thus, "Season 11".

Initially, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was a skeptic, opposite Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), whose sister was supposedly abducted by aliens some years back. Inevitably, what had been a platonic, professional relationship between the two agents turned romantic, continued in the two feature films. However, from what I understand, they're no longer a couple as the series resumes next month. Hmmmmm.

Series creator Chris Carter was able to add two more series to Fox's lineup during the initial run. The Lone Gunmen was a direct spin-off, and lasted parts of two seasons. Millennium lasted a couple of years. It appears that Carter may also be involved with a new Fox series, also debuting next month, Second Chance, but I can't confirm that right now.

Rating: B+.


SaturdayMorningFan said...

Only 6 episodes? That seems kinda lame for a major network and a highly popular show. I wonder if it's just an indication of the continuing demise of broadcast/cable television? The MST3K relaunch is already funded for 6 episodes and they'll likely make it to 9, and possibly 12. And those are 2-hour shows, and all publicly funded through a Kickstarter campaign. You'd think Fox could do at least as well for X-Files.

hobbyfan said...

It's just the latest in a growing trend. When "24" returned earlier this year, it was also a limited run for Fox. The networks now plan their schedules differently, almost like a throwback to the early days of television. Bear in mind, too, that David Duchovny's been working on a pay-cable series for Showtime (Shameless), which would preclude any full commitment to an X-Files revival.