Sunday, December 27, 2015

Classic TV: Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949)

Martin Kane, Private Eye ran concurrently on radio & television from 1949 through about 1952, and may be better known for its blatant product placement more for the plots and in-show commercials for its sponsor, the United States Tobacco Company.

William Gargan is the actor most associated with Kane, but he wasn't the only one to essay the part. Both versions of the series, on radio & television, followed a particular formula that called for the commercials to originate from a tobacco shop. Sometimes it served the additional purpose of moving the story along.

From Mill Creek's TV Guide Spotlight DVD compilation of classic detective shows comes "The District Attorney Killer", from March 1951. Frank DeKova, better known to baby boomers as Chief Wild Eagle from F-Troop in the 60's, guest stars.

DeKova later turned up during the 1st season of The Untouchables before swapping his fine-tailored suits for Native American garb. William Gargan would reprise in a sequel, The New Adventures of Martin Kane, produced overseas for United Artists, likely as a 1-season wonder, in 1957.

Rating: B.

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