Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Comics fans just need two more nights to fill...........

If you're a hardcore comics fan, chances are you have four nights a week (Sunday-Wednesday) reserved for either watching at home or DVR'ing your favorite shows. Come next month, make it five, as The CW has confirmed that Greg Berlanti's latest DC Comics series, Legends of Tomorrow, will air on Thursdays, starting January 21, thus bumping "vampire night", if you will (Vampire Diaries & The Originals) to Fridays while Reign and America's Next Top Model/Whose Line Is It Anyway? move to the bench, or, in Top Model's case, close up shop, as supposedly that series is coming to an end.

Legends isn't the only "second team" entry coming in January, of course. Fox's Lucifer debuts January 25, but, in a bizarre scheduling decision, either Gotham will still be in reruns (the second half of season 2 doesn't start until the end of February, bypassing the sweeps period altogether), or Minority Report, which has been struggling to hold on to Gotham's audience, takes its place for five weeks. ABC's Agent Carter will start its 2nd season on January 19, two weeks later than originally planned, due to President Obama's final State of the Union address having been scheduled for January 12.

Let's go back to Gotham for a moment. Viewers are being asked to wait three whole months for the next episode.


Now, I'm not exactly sure when the revived X-Files begins its short-season run next month, but that would in part explain the extra hiatus for Gotham. Coupling X-Files & Lucifer on Mondays sounds like a safe bet, and, in the eyes of Fox suits, would put a crimp in CBS' Supergirl, with the freshman series running neck & neck with Gotham in key demographic ratings as of Monday. Otherwise, the Girl of Steel would have everyone's attention over that three month period.

What do you guys think?

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