Saturday, March 19, 2016

Celebrity Rock: King of the Cars & Love is a Terrible Thing (1979)

Earlier this week, we served up a little Lenny (Michael McKean) without Squiggy (David Lander) from Laverne & Shirley. Now, we bring back a video that had previously been sent into exile (this was also put back in Saturday Morning Archives earlier in the week) due to an earlier poster getting pinched for copyright issues.

Lenny & the Squigtones appeared on American Bandstand in June 1979, a rare case of network cross-promotional synergy. The band also includes Christopher Guest, appearing as----wait for it----Nigel Tufnel, the character he'd play in "Spinal Tap" a few years later. McKean shows off a talent for impressions on the two tracks you're about to hear. First, the guys salute the likes of the Beach Boys with "King of the Cars" (McKean sounds like one of the Wilson boys on vocals). Then, after the obligatory interview with Dick Clark, We get McKean trying out an Elviseque voice on "Love is a Terrible Thing".

If Lander could make Squiggy sing like Jerry Lewis (Lander worked on Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down?) opposite Lenny as Dean Martin, then maybe they'd have gotten more respect, don't you think?

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