Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weasel of the Week: Chris Christie

It wasn't so long ago that New Jersey Governor Chris "Chins" Christie was appearing in commercials touting the Garden State as a tourist landing spot in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Today, however, Christie's political career is trending in the wrong direction. After withdrawing from the GOP race for President, Christie has thrown his support behind Donald Trump, and it's gotten him in trouble at home.

Rather than honor his responsibilities as governor and attend the funeral for a New Jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty last week (he delegated the responsibility to the lieutenant governor), "Chins" was on the stump for Trump in Ohio and other states that held primaries yesterday (Trump lost in Ohio), putting politics ahead of state duty. Bad move, Chris.

Add to this the fact that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was caught on a live mic ripping Christie a new one during a commercial break when she appeared on Hardball on CNBC. That, of course, made headlines in New York & New Jersey, with Clinton and host Chris Matthews both of the opinion that Christie, were he to run for Senator, would lose to current NJ Senator Cory Booker, and that it was time to stick a fork in Christie's political career, assuming he & Trump don't reach the White House (and they won't).

For a breach in political ethics while holding the highest office in his state, Christie gets himself a set of Weasel ears. Come to think of it, if some alleged genius decides to reboot The Sopranos, Christie would be the heir apparent to the late James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. He's already larger than life in his own mind.

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