Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sports this 'n' that

Senator John McCain once referred to mixed martial arts (MMA) as "human cockfighting". The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) has since made a lot of changes, evolving as it has over 23 years. And, now, it's on its way to New York at last, pending the signature of governor Andrew Cuomo to legalize MMA in the Empire State. "Amateur" competitions have been taking place for the last few years, but, very soon, the big boys will finally be coming, and the UFC, under the direction of Dana White, have a event scheduled later this year---in pencil, mind you, pending the governor---at Madison Square Garden. Albany's Times Union Center is a likely landing spot down the road, but you have to worry, if you're Joe Average Consumer, about ticket prices and how they'll be at a level more compatible with boxing than pro wrestling.
That allows us a segue to the next item. Dynasty Pro Wrestling's 1st event of 2016 was originally booked for the Troy Boys & Girls Club for tonight. However, and you can chalk this up to the homecoming for Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle if you like, ticket sales have spiked to the point where the Troy B & G Club can't hold the show, so they're moving across the river to the Albany B & G Club on Delaware Avenue. Show time is the same, 7 pm. Castle's last appearance for Dynasty was 14 months ago, on the undercard to a show headlined by 90's hardcore icon Tommy Dreamer. If you've seen him on ROH since then, you know what to expect.
Dallas Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones gets a Dunce Cap and a set of Weasel ears this week. Why? Because he's out of touch with reality. That's what he gets, really, for inviting Vince McMahon into his luxury box at AT&T Stadium at the end of last season, communing with a guy who's just as mentally challenged as he is. AT&T Stadium hosts Wrestlemania 32 next week, oh, by the way. Anyway, Jones went on record deriding reports confirming the connection between football and CTE, a disease caused by repeated blows to the head over a lengthy period of time. Like, in the 27 seasons he's overseen the Cowboys, you'd believe he has had a few players, including QB-turned-Fox broadcaster Troy Aikman, suffer concussions on the field. In fact, it was the concussions that convinced Aikman to swap his shoulder pads for a Fox blazer. Fox studio co-host Terry Bradshaw has owned up to having had concussions during his playing career in Pittsburgh, and I'd imagine his colleagues, Howie Long (Raiders) & Michael Strahan (Giants), have probably dealt with the same as well.

For Jones, this is a case where he's proving to the entire world once again how clueless he really is about the darker side of the game. He's turned the Cowboys into Raiders South by picking up troubled players, such as Greg Hardy, in recent years, in an effort to win another Super Bowl. All teams have the revolving doors, shuffling players on and off the roster, but Jones is just too stupid to realize he cannot run the team by himself anymore. It's not the same as being an oil magnate, which is where he made his fortune before buying the team in 1989. It's past time Jones hired some actual football-savvy people to run the team, before he puts his foot in his mouth again!

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