Thursday, March 3, 2016

Classic TV: The Jim Nabors Hour (1969)

After playing Gomer Pyle for several seasons, starting on The Andy Griffith Show, Jim Nabors decided to retire Gomer and move on. Perhaps inspired by the success of his friend, Carol Burnett, with her variety show, Nabors decided his next series would go in that direction.

The Jim Nabors Hour lasted two seasons, a victim of the infamous rural purge of 1970-1, in which the networks, not just CBS, pruned their lineup of shows that skewed in favor of older demographics. Nabors brought along two of his castmates from Gomer, both of whom you'll see in the following skit. Ronnie Schell had left Gomer a couple of years earlier for a Sheldon Leonard sitcom, Good Morning, World, but that lasted 1 season. Frank Sutton wouldn't get much work after this series ended.

The reason we bring this forward? An episode will air on Get TV on March 7. This skit, "The Brothers-in-Law", might be included. It might seem like it's Gomer transplanted into civilian life, as Sutton's character isn't too far removed from Sgt. Carter. Karen Morrow, later of Tabitha, is the hot blonde. Schell plays a drunken taxidermist who's boarding with the others.

My memory is pretty hazy about this show. I seem to recall a skit involving "Along Came Jones", and not much else. The chemistry between Nabors, Schell, & Sutton is still there. Now, if only Get TV could be persuaded to give this show a regular berth.....!

Rating: B.

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