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Dynasty Pro Wrestling @ Albany Boys & Girls Club, 3/26/16

Two weeks after In Your Face Wrestling held their 2nd show at Albany's Polish Community Center, Dynasty Pro Wrestling moved their season debut across the river from Troy to the Albany Boys & Girls Club on Delaware Avenue for what ended up being the longest card in terms of time to date.

Play-by-play announcer Brian Cady doubled as ring announcer once again, suggesting that Matthew James is no longer with DPW, as James' absence in August wasn't just a one night thing. Cady wasted little time in introducing Mike King as DPW's new General Manager. Looking like a deer in the headlights, King said he was a wrestling fan since he was a child, and was thrilled to be the GM. Enter DPW champ Mike Verna and P. J. Stackpole. Friends, let me tell ya something. Stackpole looks more like Lex Luthor than Jesse Eisenberg does in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice". I am not kidding. It was billed as Verna Appreciation Night, but how do we appreciate a champion who can't win a match without a shortcut? Verna & Stackpole wanted the night off, but Mike Orlando had other ideas. Orlando now has a hot valet (whose name was lost due to the microphones cutting out randomly through the course of the night) to offset Stackpole, who has all the credibility of an empty can of Pringle's. King's 1st decision was to put Verna into a match right then and there, but Orlando would have to win his later to earn a rematch......

1. Non-title: Kyle Brad def. Mike Verna (w/P. J. Stackpole). All you need to know is that Orlando remained within shouting distance of the ring,  but not once did he make physical contact with Verna. On the other hand, this telegraphed the end of Orlando's match later in the show. Brad rolled up Verna via a Pat O'Connor roll and perfect bridge for the victory.

2. Wolfgar def. Sonny Kiss via submission. Kiss, a newcomer, plays the effeminate card very well, but is light and athletic also. Unfortunately, the Dragon Slayer was too strong and locked on a full nelson with a leg grapevine to get the tap-out.

3. The Amazing Graysons def. the World Class Gentlemen & South Philly's Finest in a triple threat tag team match. It wasn't your normal triple threat, as only two men were in the ring at a time to start. The Graysons are new, and will remind some of the Young Bucks because of their speed & athleticism, but not the attitude. SPF teased the finish as Jimmy Konway locked on a sharpshooter after Luca Brazzi nailed one of the Graysons with a frogsplash right out of the late Eddie Guerrero's textbook. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there, as Konway was rolled up for the pinfall.

Chuck Deep came out and cut a promo. He said his mom had passed away recently, and was a major part of the Dynasty family. A 10 bell salute was interrupted by the Southern Boys (Bull Hightower & Aiden Andrews), who ambushed Deep and left him lying. A tag match was made for later.

4. Hoss def. Mark Hart. Mark is not related to the Hart family of Canada, but his valet, Niccolina, is easy on the eyes. They remind me of Natalya and her husband, Tyson Kidd. Typical big man vs. cruiserweight match. Hoss hit a chokeslam, then a legdrop, but got just 2, then finished Hart with a sitout powerbomb.

5. "The Flippin' Kid" Travis Gordon def. "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent. Two more newcomers, bringing the total to six to this point. The winner earned a roster spot. Gordon picked up the win, but the story was after the match.

Vincent cut a promo on Dynasty frontman Chris Envy as well as In Your Face Wrestling champ Drake Evans. Vincent said he'd waited six months, though the last DPW show was actually seven months ago, for this. Envy came out like a fly into a spider's web, because the next thing you know, a number of IYFW wrestlers, led by C. J. Scott, hit the ringside area and brawled with Envy & security after Envy had given Vincent his bags, asking the kid to leave after bad-mouthing Envy. This ain't over yet by any stretch. Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins made the save, and cut a promo apologizing for what had happened. Apparently, Dalishus & Collins were going to start tag teaming together as The Now. Now, we have a video of the incident, with Cady & DeLuise on the call.

You see, competition, regardless of what a certain senile executive in Connecticut will claim on national television, is good for business, and both DPW & IYFW will benefit from a border war storyline.

After intermission, there would be auditions in the ring for substitute attendants for homecoming hero Dalton Castle, who was in the main event. Castle's ROH gimmick has him accompanied by a pair of young boys, which probably doesn't play well in the Bible Belt. Nate Short came out first, followed by Captain Wayno and his soon-to-be-ex-tag team partner, Travis Dorian, with Mister Mann following Dorian. A 3rd contestant, Flip Gordon, came out after Short had left, but was not identified by Cady.

6. Travis Dorian def. Christian Casanova and Captain Wayno. Wayno did all the work, but Dorian snuck in and picked up the win. Post-match, Dorian turned on Wayno and beat him down. Mann argued with Cady, and Cady was beaten down, his night over. Mann replaced him at the broadcast table, but R. J. DeLuise (no relation to Dom) took over the ring announcing.

7. Chuck Deep & Brute VanSlyke def. the Southern Boys. VanSlyke is another newbie. Since Deep's regular partner, Kyle Brad, had wrestled earlier, Deep needed a sub, and since "Bad" Brad Wesley was in absentia after mending his fences with Deep in August, Brute matched up perfectly with Bull Hightower. They brawled to the back while Deep defeated Aiden Andrews.

8. "The Enigma" Storm defeated Hellen Vale & Tequila Rosee in a triple threat match. Some idiot at the sound board decided to have the entrance music play over DeLuise's ring intros. Storm won by submission.

9. Dalton Castle def. Mike Orlando. This would've been great, a happy ending to the night, except that Mike Verna & P. J. Stackpole came back for a receipt. The ref ejected them once, but after the arbiter was bumped down, Verna returned and hit a Superman punch on Orlando. Castle didn't see it, either, and hit his finisher, Bang-a-Rang. The ref recovered long enough to administer the three.

Post-match, the champ beat down Orlando even further, using a chair and a kendo stick, so expect some sort of stipulation for the grudge match. Mike King took his time coming down, which suggests he might also be involved with IYFW, as is Chase Belmonte, who took over color commentary for the last two matches. DPW is in deep trouble if they can't mount any sort of retaliation against IYFW. In Your Face's next show is set for April 30 in Duanesburg. DPW returns to Troy the following week. Hmmmmmmm.

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