Thursday, March 3, 2016

Forgotten TV: I Dare You: The Ultimate Challenge (2000)

Independent producer Bruce Nash made his bones in television producing "reality" programming early in the aughts. One of his first network shows, however, was a mid-season replacement series that seemed to be on the wrong night.

As memory serves, I Dare You: The Ultimate Challenge aired on UPN on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday nights. I can't pinpoint the exact night of the week right now, but it certainly didn't belong in the middle of the week. Former football player and American Gladiator Lee Reherman served as host, with legendary stunt cyclist Evel Knievel as an expert analyst, according to the information I have. I Dare You bowed in January 2000, and lasted about six-to-eight months before being bounced.

As this sample clip shows, Reherman, who passed away on Tuesday, was making the most of his latest career change.

Reherman had been lured away from TNN's Rollerjam (his replacement, Marc Loyd, would later surface in the WWE for a couple of years) for I Dare You, then made another career change, turning to acting at the end of his career, appearing most recently on the Disney Channel's KC Undercover. The poor ratings for I Dare You seemed to signal that it just wasn't meant for primetime, and belonged on weekends.

Rating: C.

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