Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Classic Reborn: The New Bob Cummings Show (1961)

Emmy winner Bob Cummings returned to series television in 1961 with---wait for it---The New Bob Cummings Show. Unlike his earlier self-titled series, this lasted just 1 season, the last first-run episode airing in March 1962.

While the character's name had changed, the basic makeup of the character hadn't, reflecting Cummings' real-life background as an Air Force pilot. In fact, it took CBS & Revue Studios until after Christmas to finally add the New to the show's title, as apparently folks were confused since the earlier Bob Cummings Show was in syndication at the time under the alternate title, Love That Bob. That late decision, coupled with viewer indifference, led to cancellation three months later.

Gilmore Box provides an intro:

Not shown was Roberta Shore (later on The Virginian), who played Hank, the tomboy daughter of Bob's boss, who was crushing on Bob. The intro is all that is available on YouTube at the moment.

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Hal Horn said...

Just never had a chance against THE REAL McCOYS and DR. KILDARE, two top 15 shows. I'd like to see a few episodes. Hell, we are still waiting on a proper DVD release for LOVE THAT BOB/THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW. Appears unlikely, though, since Laurel and McCadden productions have both been out of business for five decades and many episodes are now public domain.

hobbyfan said...

McCadden Productions (George Burns' production company), for all I can guess, may very well have been absorbed by one of the bigger studios he'd worked with, be it WB or Sony.

Hal Horn said...

Last thing I can remember with the McCadden Productions name was MONA McCLUSKEY in 1966. Speaking of, I haven't seen that re-run at all.

hobbyfan said...

That, too, was a 1 season entry.