Thursday, May 4, 2017

Forgotten TV: Joe's World (1979)

Character actor Ramon Bieri landed his only leading role in the 1979 sitcom, Joe's World, after years of yeoman's work in supporting roles, including as a vice principal on Room 222.

The show revolves around a Detroit painter (Bieri) and his family, but the scheduling at NBC was scatter-shot at best, inserted at the last minute in December 1979 to replace the failing Joe Don Baker crime drama, Eischeid, then shifted to Wednesdays to cover for McLean Stevenson's Hello, Larry, which hastily returned soon after. Joe's World wrapped with a Saturday night summer run in 1980.

Other facts: This was the first non-Brady Bunch series for Christopher Knight, who'd later join the cast of the soap opera, Another World, during the 80's. Co-star K. Callan may be better remembered for her recurring role years later as Martha Kent on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The theme song, which you'll hear shortly, was composed and performed by Alan Thicke, who'd later move in front of the camera himself.

Here's the intro:

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