Thursday, May 4, 2017

Comics this 'n' that

We wrote before how DC is bringing back the popular Legion of Super-Heroes. It's a soft reintroduction, starting with the previously announced 1-shot with Bugs Bunny next month. July then sees the Legion moved into the campy world of Batman '66 in another 1-shot, illustrated by Mike Allred.

Something tells me that the inevitable Rebirth of the Legion will follow in short order, no earlier than August. We'll know for sure when solicitations for August comics go live in about 2-3 weeks.
While I've never watched AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's acclaimed The Walking Dead, I do realize that the show's passionate fan base can get out of hand, just like fans of anything else.

According to Yahoo!, actor Josh McDemitt, who plays Eugene on the show, is getting death threats from fans after Eugene had crossed over to side with the series' big bad, Negan. Like, seriously? It sounds to me like the "fans" wishing McDermitt ill probably haven't read the series, and are just fans of the show who are over-reacting. McDermitt, for his part, has closed his social media accounts in the wake of the threats. Understandable, but watch. Once this blows over, and the people making the threats make apologies after getting their mental priorities straightened out, McDermitt will re-embrace Twitter, Facebook, et al. It happens.
Meanwhile, the suits at Marvel didn't exactly salve the frayed nerves of their fan base as it relates to Captain America. Writer Nick Spencer's controversial story arc, which had Cap turn his back on the USA and side with Hydra, going so far as to say he had been a sleeper all along, should finally end with the conclusion of the Secret Empire miniseries, Marvel's latest "event" designed to get their marks to cough up more cash. Given how slowly these stories tend to finish, that is to say, they don't always meet deadlines like they're supposed to, expect resolutions and mea culpas sometime around Christmas.

To get everyone up to speed, Steve Rogers (Captain America) has been brainwashed by the Cosmic Cube. Adhering to the theory that controversy creates cash, Marvel is doubling down, maybe even tripling down, by delaying the inevitable reversal of events. Marvel suits claim they have "heard" fan concerns. If they really did, they'd have cut this off months ago, but apparently too many marks are blindly following along. I'll have more to say about Secret Empire when we recap Free Comic Book Day next week.
As the broadcast TV season is winding down, recent reports suggest two current series are on the bubble, meaning that renewal is not guaranteed, but, then, neither is cancellation.

CW's brilliant iZombie didn't begin its 3rd season until last month, left on the bench because the network stupidly thought first year series No Tomorrow & Frequency were more of a priority. As a result, iZombie will only have 13 episodes this season, ending on June 27, after the rest of the comics-related shows have been put to bed for the summer. However, an article published about 2 weeks ago, citing the poor ratings when the series returned on April 4, suggested iZombie was on the chopping block. I really doubt that is going to happen. Besides, I can argue that a case can be made for co-stars Rose McIver (Liv) and David Anders (Blaine) to be nominated for Emmy awards. Both are doing their best work to date, and Anders has made himself a candidate to turn up on The Flash next season when they get around to doing another musical episode. If you've been following the show, you know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is wrapping its 4th season, and is also on the bubble. Since I haven't followed the show since season 1, I wouldn't know. However, reruns are now plentiful, as the series is airing on MyNetworkTV and in syndication. No word yet from ABC about renewal, although The Inhumans is in the pipeline as a spin-off/replacement if it's decided that S.H.I.E.L.D., which dropped to 10 pm (ET) this season, is done.

CW renewed its other comics-related series already, and potentially could add a series based on the 70's hero Black Lightning if the pilot works to the network's satisfaction.

My prediction: Black Lightning would debut in the winter, just as Legends of Tomorrow did a year ago. Given how sloppily written Legends has been in 2 seasons, maybe it finally goes down for the count in season 3. All producer Greg Berlanti has to do is find better, more competent writers not only for Legends, but for the rest of the line.

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