Friday, May 19, 2017

Classic TV: Your Hit Parade (1950)

Ah, the days of innocence that were the 1950's. Before rock music took over the public's conscience, lighter pop standards ruled the airwaves.

Your Hit Parade started on radio in the 30's, and moved to television in 1950, airing on NBC. Snooky Lanson seemed to be the one constant among the lead vocalists on the show, which also included Dorothy Collins, and, for 4 years, Gisele McKenzie.

Now, I never saw the show, as it was before my time, and I totally missed out on a summer revival in 1974, which aired on CBS, and was the first and only series that Chuck Barris had sold to the network, this after Barris, better known for game shows, acquired the rights to Parade. The revival featured Kelly Garrett and a pre-Wheel of Fortune Chuck Woolery, who otherwise had been appearing occasionally on the children's series, The New Zoo Revue.

Let's take a trip back to June 1956:

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