Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Neutrogena finds its "voice" (1995-7)

Neutrogena is one of the more expensive brands of skin cleanser on the market today, depending on where you shop. Back in the 90's, the manufacturer realized that in order to attract the target audience, Neutrogena needed someone who could connect with said target demo (teenagers).

Enter Martha Quinn.

The former MTV doll was no stranger to commercials, having shilled for Domino's Pizza, Greyhound, and other products before, during, and after her two stints with MTV (1981-6, 1989-92). Check out this first spot, which got heavy airplay in 1995.

Then, playful Martha shills for Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment:

Two years later, Neutrogena introduced a multi-vitamin acne treatment, and brought Martha back to sell the product. Unfortunately, that video is not available.

Neutrogena has since had actresses Emma Roberts, Bella Thorne, and current Capital One pitch-babe Jennifer Garner shilling for them. As I noted above, the product is a wee bit pricy for some of today's teens, in this writer's opinion, and needs to be lowered.

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