Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Forgotten TV: Morning Star (1965)

Not only did NBC receive the long running Days of Our Lives from Screen Gems (now Sony Pictures Television) & the Corday family in 1965, but there were two other soaps that arrived around the same time.

Unfortunately, Paradise Bay and our next subject, Morning Star, each lasted less than a year due to low ratings. The two shows arrived together in late September 1965, with Days following less than 2 months later, and proving to be a far more successful product.

The concept of Morning Star centered on fashion designer Katy Elliot, who'd moved from the fictional Springdale, Connecticut, to New York to begin her career. Apparently, with the show airing in mid-morning opposite game shows, it's a wonder this lasted as long as it did.

Right now, let's take a trip back to May 1966.

I believe, though not 100% certain, that is long-time Quinn Martin announcer Hank Simms handling those chores here. Sure sounds like him.

No rating.

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