Friday, May 5, 2017

Weasel of the Week: LaVar Ball

He is, from what I have read of late, the worst kind of stage parent. I've heard of putting the cart before the horse, but this is flat out ridiculous.

LaVar Ball has been in the news quite a bit lately, due largely to his son, Lonzo, having played this season at UCLA, then declaring for next month's NBA Draft. He also owns a shoe company, Big Baller, which just introduced a shoe made for his son, and set to be sold in stores in time for the Christmas rush.

The problem? Ball is asking nearly $500 a pair for the shoes, with no refunds or exchanges permitted if the shoes don't fit. Another shoe is to be sold for nearly $1000.


Lonzo Ball is another seemingly NBA ready prospect who's leaving school way, way too early for the pros, and the only real leech around him in this case is his father, who's exploiting his son's talent, and, unless common sense gets into his head between now & November, when the shoes are due to go on sale across the country, he's going to soak the consumers for as much as he can. Greedy? Yep.

You and I have read the stories of how kids have been killed over expensive shoes from Nike, the industry leader. Nike & Big Baller don't care about the demographics. All they care about is the profit margin. In LaVar Ball's case, he's trying to realize the money he never made in his own athletic career, but he's going about it the wrong way. Consumers, I would think, would be looking for an alternative to the greed merchants like Nike, but Ball seems to think he can overtake Nike.

I have a saying for people like this week's Weasel, LaVar Ball. A fool and his brains are soon parted, and that's already happened. While a $400+ pair of sneakers might sell in bigger markets like New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, it won't work so well in Albany. LaVar Ball has six months to change his, ah, game plan, before consumers are not only hurt in the pocketbook, but physically, as well.

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