Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Classic Reborn: The Hardy Boys (1995)

Canada's Nelvana Studios has dabbled with live-action programming from time to time, most notably a weekend actioner with Mr. T (T & T) in the late 80's. If they were hoping to catch lightning in a bottle again, this time with a fresh adaptation of The Hardy Boys, they were mistaken.

This 1995 series was sold in syndication, and, predictably, coupled with a Nancy Drew solo series. Unlike the 1970's series that aired on ABC, these were half-hour shows with done-in-one mysteries. Each series had 13 episodes, nothing more, as if Nelvana must've known this was going to fail.

Check out this sample clip, and tell me what you think.

Insofar as my memory serves, I don't think this was picked up locally, and I never saw the show, so there's no rating.

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