Monday, June 12, 2017

A little bit of this & a little bit of that

When NBC lured Megyn Kelly away from Fox News Channel, they thought they'd get the 2nd coming, if you will, of Katie Couric.

So what happens? Kelly's 2nd interview of note for NBC, airing on Father's Day, June 18, is with an unimitigated jerk.

Alex Jones is the founder of the Infowars website, and a dyed in the wool conspiracy nut. Jones is one of those tin foil peabrains that thinks the mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct., and at a movie theatre in Aurora, Co. were faked. He has some semblance of credibility, however, as in the Presidential seal of approval from President Trump, who's not exactly a sane man himself.

Unsurprisingly, six days before the Jones interview is to air, Kelly & NBC are taking heat from parents of the Sandy Hook victims and others. All Kelly wants to do is find out what makes Jones tick. Easy solution, honey. Stick his head in front of an x-ray machine, and you'll probably find a broken cuckoo clock. The man is unashamedly crackers. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump, who stumped for the infamous "birthers" during the Obama administration, appeared on Jones' radio show. What sane person would do that?

In case you wonder, it's people like Jones who are being skewered in a satirical sense in this season's overarching storyline on the CW hit, iZombie, which wraps its 3rd season at the end of the month. Should the interview air, Jones and his idiot followers will be assured of gaining another 15 minutes of fame they don't deserve.
Closer to home, the hometown held its 50th Flag Day parade on Sunday, thanks in large part to local businessman Michael Fusco, who owns the Franklin Plaza ballroom. Fusco put up $30,000 in order to get the parade on time. Yet, there are those who believe that because of the city's ongoing financial struggles, this could be the last Flag Day parade. What Fusco did, though, should light a fire under other business owners in the city to save some money for next year's parade, and the next, and the next, so that this tradition doesn't become gone with the wind. The challenge should also be for the politico's in charge to check their egos and agendas at the door and help with the cause.
En route to my brother's apartment yesterday, I could not help but hear the sounds of another parade, this one being Albany's Pride Parade, which ties into the Pride Festival at Washington Park. Albany's more than willing to celebrate the LGBT community, despite the predictable opposition of Christian activists who stood and taunted the marchers. The Gospels tell us that Jesus wanted us to treat our fellow man with love and respect, regardless of race, gender, etc., but by filling their lungs with angry, venomous vigor, these "protesters" miss the point of Jesus' message entirely. Just like the windbags of Westboro Baptist in Kansas, or the hardcore, if you will, Christians in the Bible Belt states in the south. If you show the gays & lesbians kindness & love, they will be more receptive to God's Word. The Bible defines homosexuality under the umbrella term, "fornication". If you treat them with hate, you'll scare them, and that's not what Jesus would have wanted.

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