Friday, June 30, 2017

Weasels of the Week: Vince Russo and ..........take a guess who got another set

Less than six months into his term in office, and President Donald Trump has proven over and over again that he cannot smoothly transition himself into his new role.

Like a petulant child, President Trump picks fights via Twitter when it is not appropriate to do so, if only because he's so accustomed to drawing attention to himself for whatever.

The latest example of the Presidential immaturity came in another set of tweets directed at Joe Scarborough and his fiancée, Mika Berezinski, hosts of Morning Joe. dismissing the couple as crazy (Mika) and psycho (Joe), and even poking fun at what he assumed had been some plastic surgery done on Mika. Even fellow Republicans have ripped the President to shreds over this one.

Reportedly, the Trump administration is alleged to have resorted to using blackmail, specifically sending a reporter from the National Enquirer to dig up some dirt. The once respected tabloid is owned by David Pecker and American Media. Pecker is a friend of the President, and more than willing to stain his tabloid's reputation more than before in service to the President. The Enquirer ran a minor piece alleging that Scarborough was drinking multiple six-packs of beer, which Scarborough denies.

I hate to bring it up again, but for someone who reportedly became a born-again Christian a year ago through Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, President Trump is not behaving in a Christian manner. At 71, the President continues to behave like an immature child, one who is growing drunk with power.

Three Dog Night's 1970 hit, "Liar", is thus dedicated to the President and the tabloid media willing to enable his childish tantrums.

Translated, the President is getting another set of Weasel ears for abusing his office and continuing to perpetuate his childish antics in full public purview.

You say you're a Christian, Mr. Trump. Start living like one.
Meanwhile, veteran wrestling personalities Vince Russo and Jim Cornette have been waging a verbal feud for nearly 20 years, dating back to when both were employed by the then-World Wrestling Federation. Both have podcasts now, but their ongoing verbal jousting is hardly on the order of the old Jack Benny-Fred Allen feud on radio back in the day. Not even close.

Russo broke into the wrestling business 25 or so years ago, a video store owner and radio talk show host out of Long Island, hired as a writer for what is now WWE. He left the company in the fall of 1999, and, with his success having gone to his head, tried to recreate some of his lame, outlandish ideas in WCW, and, later, TNA (now Impact Wrestling). Cornette has ripped him to shreds repeatedly for being out of touch with reality, among other things.

So what happens? Within the last week, Cornette, who lives in Louisville, was served with a restraining order to stay away from Russo, who currently lives in Indiana. Seems Russo thinks Cornette, who offered to fight Russo to settle their issue, means to kill him, or something like that.

Cornette, for his part, is Xeroxing copies of the restraining order, autographing them, and selling them online, with the proceeds going to local charities. The funny part about this is that Cornette is an avowed atheist. Russo, like President Trump, claims to be a Christian. Like the President, Russo now has a thin skin from all the insults Cornette has hurled his way since both left the WWE. They last crossed paths in TNA several years ago, but the feud isn't ending anytime soon.

To Russo, we offer this 1965 1-hit wonder by the Castaways:

This is because Russo, the other recipient of the Weasel ears this week, is taking more credit than he should for some of the things he did during the Attitude Era. If not for Vince McMahon editing and filtering Russo's nuttier ideas, we wouldn't have WWE today, to tell you the truth.

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. I'm sure you can look it up in the Bible, Mr. Russo. If you can remember you have one.

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