Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Modern Classic (?): Bordertown (1989)

The Christian Broadcasting Network wanted to be more than The 700 Club. So they filled their daily lineup with reruns of classic shows from the 50's & 60's, usually sitcoms and Westerns, which put them in competition with the likes of Nick at Nite.

In the winter of 1989, CBN's Family Channel (now Freeform) introduced its first original Western. Bordertown ran for three seasons total, arriving as it did as a mid-season replacement in January.

The premise was simple enough. The small town of Pemmican, Montana was discovered to be straddling the US-Canada border. As a result, it was renamed Bordertown, and law enforcement was split between a US Marshal and a Canadian Mountie, and both were smitten with the town doctor, a French-Canadian widow. While there would be the running argument over which country was actually better, and this was predictable, the debates would be set aside to handle the case du jour. Case in point, "The Gunfighter", in which a "tenderfoot" feels he needs to settle things with a crooked employer.

Veteran producer Lionel E. Siegel had worked on a number of American shows, mostly crime dramas, which Bordertown technically could also be classified under.

Rating: B.

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