Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weasel of the Week: Springfield Soccer Club & the Nebraska State Soccer Association

Back in the day, if a young girl wore her hair or dressed like a boy, she was often referred to as a tomboy, and was treated like one of the neighborhood gang.

Today, an 8 year old girl in Nebraska who wears her hair short----her choice, mind you----was unfairly singled out by some brainless tournament suits in Nebraska, and her team was disqualified because they thought she was a he.


Consider the case of 8 year old Mili Hernandez, who helped her team to the finals of the Springfield Soccer Club's tournament, but some pea-brain decided that she looked too masculine to be a girl, despite the parents having the appropriate paperwork, including insurance papers, birth certificate, etc., and the whole team was kicked out of the tournament. SSC suits are referring all questions to the Nebraska State Soccer Association, which is to say they're passing the buck and refusing to admit they made a mistake, because they certainly made one. According to articles I read on www.MSN.com, these cold hearted Weasels made Mili cry, but aside from the initial disappointment, she's maintained a positive attitude.

As the story's gone viral, the Hernandez family has gotten support from soccer icons Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm, among others. The more national attention this case gets, the more likely it'll be that SSC and the state suits will reverse course. They have to. Their blind, pea-brained mistreatment of an innocent 8 year old earns them a box of Weasel ears.

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