Sunday, June 4, 2017

What Might've Been: Nobody's Perfect (1980)

It was meant, I think, to be inspired by the "Pink Panther" movies, substituting a fish-out-of-water British detective for a bumbling French one.

However, Nobody's Perfect, also meant to be a showcase for British star Ron Moody ("Oliver!"), may have been a troubled production from the go. Originally entitled, Hart in San Francisco, when it was first announced for the fall 1979 schedule at ABC, the series underwent the name change to avoid confusion with the hour-long drama, Hart to Hart, which starred Robert Wagner, and launched that same season.

As a result, Nobody's Perfect finally bowed during the summer of 1980, lasting just 8 weeks before bowing out. Veteran writers Chris Hayward & Arne Sultan were among the creative personnel. Sultan had been long associated with Talent Associates, which had been hitched up at Universal since the 70's. Hayward's resume is slightly longer, such that he was also a writer for Rocky & His Friends. Unfortunately, their combined experience wasn't enough to save this show from cancellation.

Inspector Roger Hart (Moody) arrives in San Francisco to aid the police there, but, as noted, he comes off as more of a British version of Inspector Cleuseau, except that he's a little more gifted. Sadly, we won't see any of that, as all we have is an intro, courtesy of Gilmore Box.

No rating.

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