Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weasel of the Week: Donald Trump

I meant to do this last week, but, caught up in the preparation for the class reunion, I decided to hold off. Then again, it really doesn't matter.

Donald Trump, real estage mogul and reality-television star (The Apprentice), now believes he wants to be the next President, and threw his hat in the ring for 2012. All well and good, except that to call attention to his campaign, Trump has decided to embrace the dreaded "birthers".

"Birthers" are these paranoid, mostly Republican, conspiracy theorists who believe President Obama wasn't born in this country, despite documentation that says otherwise, produced in Hawaii, where Obama was born. Just when you think these jabronies are quietly slinking away, hopefully never to be heard from again, along comes Trump, adopting them as a cause celebre, feeling that his name, money, & notoriety will help their cause, and, in return, they can help him win the GOP nomination. I don't think so. Trump has no political experience, and his only asset is his well-established rep with the media.

Not all of Trump's business ventures have been successful. Remember the United States Football League (USFL), back in the mid-80's? Trump owned a franchise, but watched the league sink into oblivion within 3 years. Trump tried to start his own airline, perhaps in answer to Richard Branson's Virgin Airways. Trump Airlines, dare I say it, crashed rather quickly. Asking this man to be the "leader of the free world", when he conceivably is a personification of a lot of what other countries hate about us, is asking for trouble.

Let's just skip to the ending, as "Hellboy" might put it. Trump will not win the GOP nod in 2012. By this time next year, he'll be dropping out of the race after losing almost every primary. The American people can already see this man for what he really is, a shameless self-promoter who will do anything just to be on TV, including having himself & his son be royally embarrassed by the Manning brothers in a cookie commercial during the Super Bowl. He's not Presidential material, no matter what he and his fair-weather "birther" friends will tell you. He's just a well-groomed weasel. End of story.

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