Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rockin' Funnies: Cow Tippin' (mid 1990's)

The Lawn Sausages were a novelty rock act that were at the very heart of the upstate New York music scene in the 1990's. Founded by a couple of local businessmen who just wanted to channel their inner rock stars and have some fun doing it, the Sausages, based out of my home town of Troy, played only a small handful of gigs a year, and usually some of the bookings were for charitable causes. Others found them at the usual area nightspots, such as Valentine's & Bogie's in Albany and the defunct New Town Tavern in downtown Troy.

I've seen these guys do their act a few times, and they're the kind of guys you'd invite to a frat party for entertainment. They'd fit right in.

BillyBelaire uploaded this concert performance of "Cow Tippin'", recorded at Valentine's.

They're not the kind who'll play bar mitzvahs, but, hey, stranger things have been known to happen..........

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