Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dunce Cap Award: Joe Philbin

Joe Philbin is the first year coach of the Miami Dolphins, after having been an assistant under Mike McCarthy in Green Bay the last few years. Rookie coaches are prone to making mistakes, same as rookie players do, but this one was a whopper that cost the Dolphins big time in overtime.

Here's the scenario. The NY Jets are lining up for a possible game-winning field goal after Miami's Dan Carpenter missed one mere moments earlier. Nick Folk's kick is blocked, but the whistle sounds just as the play is unfolding. Why? Philbin called a timeout to try to "ice" Folk, since the Jets had done the same earlier. Bad timing? You betchum, Red Ryder. The Dolphins had just made a big defensive play and conceivably could've regained possession with a chance to give Carpenter an opportunity to atone for his earlier misfire. Instead, Philbin sealed the casket on this game, as Folk, given a second chance, put the game away. As of now, the Jets share 1st place in the AFC East with Buffalo, both at 2-1, pending the outcome of tonight's Patriots-Ravens game. Miami, now 1-2, sits alone in the basement for the moment.

I get what Philbin's trying to do. Unfortunately, as CBS announcers Marv Albert & Rich Gannon correctly pointed out, Philbin's ill-timed timeout cost the Dolphins the game. You can't pin this one on bad officiating, effendis, just a poor sense of game management. Last I checked, Joe Philbin isn't related to Regis, who otherwise might disavow any knowledge of the guy anyway. Even though I handed out a couple of Dunce Caps at the start of the week, we're ending it with one more. Here's to you, Mr. Philbin. Maybe next time you just go with the flow.

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