Thursday, September 6, 2012

The last guy you'd want directing traffic (2012)

GEICO's advertising nerds have sunk to the bottom of the barrel. The "Be Happy" ad campaign currently running has four different spots. One features veteran comic Gallagher, who's clearly nuttier than 2 cans of cashews in his bit. Another, just released, features singer Eddie Money as a travel agent. I guess now we know why Money, who's made a habit of playing gigs in my district the last few years despite the lack of a major label deal, was never really given a chance to do any acting aside from his videos back in the day.

And, then, there's this wacky piece, which pretty much says it all.


magicdog said...

In a word, "Stoo-pid!"

Why would a muscle man be happy directing traffic anyway? It makes no sense! Then again, there are few GEICO commercials I find appealing anyway.

hobbyfan said...

Aside from the Gecko, GEICO's ad campaigns are designed for small minds. Like kindergarteners.