Monday, September 10, 2012

Weasels of the Week: Internet hoaxers

Will this never end?

Apparently, there are some nutjobs online who get their jollies by posting fake death notices of celebrities. The latest "victims" of this lame trend of stupidity are Morgan Freeman ("The Dark Knight Rises") & Alfonso Ribeiro (Catch 21), both of whom are very much alive.

What I don't get is the motivation behind these hoaxes. Actors Eddie Murphy & Jackie Chan have been frequent targets in the past, but what might work as a joke once loses its punch line effectiveness after maybe two or three times. Once you pull the same stunt four or more times, it stops being funny and becomes straight up annoying. The hoaxers are anonymous, unwilling to accept responsibility or take any credit, as a normal prankster might. That alone tells you that these dweebs have nothing better to do, probably don't work for a living (that we know of), and just want to screw around with the press and their "victims". Trust me, it's bad enough that the supermarket tabloids have resorted to using fake news for the majority of their content these days, their popularity dissipating with each passing day.

If we want fake news, there's always Comedy Central's 1-2 punch of The Colbert Report & The Daily Show, both of which mix in real guests amidst the comedy. As for these fly-by-night Weasels, maybe they can come out of hiding long enough to accept a package from this desk. A lifetime supply of Weasel ears, along with tails, for being too cowardly to accept responsibility, and unable to accept the fact that their jokes have already gone stale.


magicdog said...

All it is is just the modern equivelent of "ding dong ditch". People have nothing better to do
than annoy people, so they publish hoaxes in between tokes in mom's basement.

hobbyfan said...

I've got a solution for that. If these dweebs are still living with mommy, maybe she should chase them down to Job Service with a broom!