Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weasel of the Week: Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was all over the television these last few months, appearing in tourist ads touting that the Garden State is "Stronger Than The Storm", in reference to the Jersey Shore area's recovery from Superstorm Sandy nearly a year ago.

However, all that goodwill went out the window this week when WFAN in New York asked Gov. Christie to try something new----talk show host. Gov. Christie was asked to sub for morning host Boomer Esiason, partnered with comedian Craig Carton for the broadcast, simulcast on Madison Square Garden's TV network. Gov. Christie wasted little time proving that his role model for this gig is a past Weasel, Rush Limbaugh, as he lambasted New York Daily News sports writer Manish Mehta for continuing to press Jets coach Rex Ryan about his use of quarterback Mark Sanchez in the 4th quarter of the Jets' 24-21 win over the Giants last Saturday. Sanchez was injured in the game, and Ryan's been second-&-third guessed by everyone since. Mehta was only doing his job.

The governor's problem? He's a friend of Ryan's, and used his guest host gig as a bully pulpit to rip not only Mehta, but also Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, Jr., for the firing of manager Charlie Manuel 2 weeks ago, and Yankees radio announcers Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling. Then again, those two get lambasted regularly in the print media, especially Sterling, so it's nothing new there, but Gov. Christie, who is a Mets & Cowboys fan, was way out of line. The Daily News reacted by referring to him as "Fatso" on the front page of Tuesday's edition. Reporters expect to get slammed by the people they're covering, not someone outside their beat. The slings & arrows come as part of the territory.

Governor Christie aspires to run for the White House in 2016. He's got a better shot of landing a daytime talk show as the reincarnation of Morton Downey, Jr., given his bombast & vitriol. Then again, pairing him with Alec Baldwin to do a radio show might not be a bad idea, either. It's either that, or he's auditioning for one of the kings of Weasels, Vince McMahon. Yes, Governor, you get the Weasel ears this week. Stick to your day job.

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