Thursday, November 11, 2021

Eric Bolling has lost his mind

 For 10 years, Newsnax anchor Eric Bolling has had a vendetta against the Muppets, dating back to their namesake 2011 movie, all because in the context of the movie, the villain of the piece was a corrupt oil baron.

Now, in the wake of Timex Cruz hassling Big Bird for getting vaccinated, Bolling wants to debate the eternal 6 year old or any of the other Muppet characters. Bolling even got his briefs in a twist over a recent episode of the Disney Jr. reboot of Muppet Babies because a parody of "Cinderella", in his warped mind, had a transgender agenda.

Bolling's another conservative moron lying to his audience to rile up the masses against the beloved children's franchise. Disney, which owns the Muppets these days, should consider litigation against this moron.

Farron Cousins breaks it down, mocking Bolling as he goes along.

I think Farron knows, along with the rest of us, that Bolling doesn't want to get into a heated debate with a Democrat, like, say for example, Alex From The Block (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), because he knows he's going to be destroyed. Because he wants to present himself as a sort of bully, like Tabloid Carlson over at Fox Shmooze, Bolling's former employer.

To illustrate what's gotten under Bolling's skin, here's a clip from the episode, "Gonzo-Rella". Not the first time the Muppets have done a riff on "Cinderella", but, well.......

Of course, it's over the top wacky, aimed at preschoolers. I'll bet Bolling hasn't read Cinderella, or seen any of the adaptations, including Disney's own theatrical feature many years ago, or Jerry Lewis' parody, "Cinderfella".

Come to think of it, what would a geek like Bolling read in his spare time, anyway?


Goldstar said...

Eric Bolling does know that the Muppets aren't real, right? They're felt socks with humans operating them from beneath the stage. The Muppets won't debate with anyone because they don't work without a script.

hobbyfan said...

Farron pointed that out, but the way he was mocking Bolling suggests Bolling is playing dumb to play to his base of morons.

Mike Doran said...

Worlds Of IF:

-IF Donald Trump had won a second term (by whatever means);

-IF the COVID situation continued as it has so far;

-IF Mr. Trump had proceeded to do many of the same things that Mr. Biden has done
(and any medical advice he'd gotten would have steered him in that direction)
(and Mr. Trump is nothing if not a coward when it comes to his own safety);

- If all these IFs are true -
Do you think that all the Little Trumpkins would be all that dead-set against vaccination?

What this is all about - what it's always been about - is the Politics of Personality.

Donald Trump is for whatever you're for - as long as he can benefit personally from that support.

Did you know that in the '92 and '96 Elections, Mr. Trump was a major financial contributor to both of Bill Clinton's campaigns?
Trump wasn't a Democrat then - and he's not a Republican now.
All Donald Trump has ever cared about is power - just having it, as opposed to using it.
It follows that he - and his followers - have no idea how to use it wisely.

hobbyfan said...

As we all know, Mike, Trump got drunk on the power of the presidency, and didn't want to give it up after getting his butt kicked last year. The image he had cultivated for more than 4 decades eroded as the daily scrutiny revealed an insecure man-child who never grew out of his childhood.

Now, getting back to the subject at hand, what about Bolling's immature meltdown?