Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Maybe Emma Weyant should've been attending Minnesota........

 A week ago, Florida Governor Ron DeStupid signed a proclamation declaring Virginia swimmer Emma Weyant the winner of a NCAA freestyle race that was actually won by Pennsylvania's Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete.

Now, the GOPers are doubling down, as Colorado Misrepresentative Lauren Bow-Wow and others have drafted a resolution honoring Weyant.

Photo courtesy Yahoo!.

Instead of giving Thomas credit where it's due, the GOPers are throwing more red meat to their bigoted, low information voter base, and adding to the haterizing of the LGBTQ community. The resolution will not go anywhere, as the GOPers don't have the votes to pass it. They'd rather ignore how our society has become more inclusive over the last several years, fear mongering the voters with hateful rhetoric that, in DeStupid's case, sometimes becomes legislation passed into law.

Thus, whether she likes it or not, Emma Weyant has become the latest "champion" in the eyes of the Repugnant Party and their warped ideology. If they thought of it, they'd probably move the White House to Minnesota, where their college mascot is a gopher. Problem is, real gophers probably have more on the ball than these faux "patriots".

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