Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Classic Reborn: The New Love, American Style (1985)

Reruns of Love, American Style had aired as part of ABC's daytime lineup during the 70's before it went into syndication. I question, however, the wisdom of the programming jabronies who decided a 1985-6 reboot would air first-run episodes in the daytime.

By the 80's, the networks were gradually doing away with repurposing primetime reruns to fill daytime space. ABC suits felt they had no room for the new Style in primetime, though it could've easily been plugged in for a dud or two. Based on the following promo from a Maine TV station that was an ABC affiliate at the time (and might still be), it seems ABC was willing to laugh at itself, since it suggests parodies of their soap opera lineup, then billed as Love in the Afternoon.

See how many familiar faces you can spot, besides Arsenio Hall..........

Another revival was attempted in 1998, but didn't get past the pilot stage. As recently as two years ago, CBS-Paramount had been looking at trying again. Well, they've got the outlets for it on cable (TV Land, Comedy Central)......!

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