Sunday, August 30, 2015

Musical Interlude: My Maria (1997)

Brooks & Dunn resurrected B. W. Stevenson's 1-hit wonder, "My Maria", on their 1997 CD, "Borderline". The concept has Kix Brooks as a cowboy trying to find a lost love. Ronnie Dunn, on lead vocals, appears be at an old church.

Today, Brooks has swapped his guitar for a DJ's microphone as the host of radio's American Country Countdown, having replaced Bob Kingsley some time back. Not really sure what the rationale was behind the change, as it might not be so dissimilar to how Casey Kasem ended his first run on American Top 40 (same syndicator) in favor of Shadoe Stevens in 1988. Dunn? Well, suh, you just never know.

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