Monday, August 17, 2015

Sports this 'n' that

The Mets have encountered a severe dose of kryptonite when playing the NL Central.

This much was evident again as the NL East leaders were swept by Pittsburgh over the weekend. Between the Pirates and the Chicago Cubs, the Mets were an embarrassed 0-13. Factor in that they went a combined 6-6 vs. Milwaukee & St. Louis, and swept Cincinnati at home earlier this summer, the Mets are just 9-19 against the Central, and they still have a return match vs. Cincinnati looming on the horizon. To be honest with you, I don't foresee the Washington Nationals remaining in a funk for too much longer. Fate likes to screw around with the Mets like that.......!
I had a thought about seeing the Troy Fighting Irish's game on Saturday night, but a late afternoon thunderstorm squashed those plans. Football is meant to be played in the rain, of course, even the semi-pro variety. The Irish, finally able to play in front of the home fans at Lansingburgh High School after 4 years in Schenectady, completed another undefeated regular season on Saturday night, and, lo & behold, the Record actually bothered to send a reporter to cover the game, when there's been a glaring lack of press coverage all season!

There was a time when semi-pro football was big around these parts. I can recall when WAST (now WNYT) had a half-hour magazine show devoted to Albany's Metro Mallers back in the 70's, but money, more so than ratings, precluded continuing the program into the present day. The Irish are Troy's 2nd semi-pro team, after the Uncle Sams played in the 70's, but disbanded at the turn of the 80's. Home playoff games are at Lansingburgh High as well, so I may still take in a game.....!!
With WWE's Summerslam taking place in Brooklyn this weekend, ESPN decided it'd be a good time to do a follow-up on one of their recent specials, and assigned ex-WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, who has been a part-time anchor on SportsCenter of late, to cover the event. No shock there. The NXT brand will have a show at the same building, the Barclays Center, on Saturday night.

So why would ESPN even give this event a look? Two words: Brock. Lesnar. The former WWE & UFC champ is still a headline maker on his 2nd tour of duty with WWE. There's also the prospect via rumors of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showing up. And who knows? Maybe Ronda Rousey could turn up, for all we know.
After sitting in an ESPN studio last year, Tim Tebow is back on the field, this time with the Philadelphia Eagles, hoping to win a job as a 3rd string QB behind Sam Bradford & Mark Sanchez, and bumping 2013 draft pick Matt Barkley out of a job. Granted, Barkley hasn't been given much opportunity, but perhaps "Tortilla" Chip Kelly sees Tebow as the last piece of the puzzle that gets the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Tebow's been out of the NFL since New England made him one of the last cuts in 2013. We'll see how the notoriously tough Philly crowd takes to Tebow-mania.
I had to explain a simple reality to a couple of regular fellas the other day, as they were debating whether or not Crybaby Brady should be playing in the preseason while he's trying to weasel his way out of a 4-game suspension, mostly for being a spoiled brat refusing to cooperate with the Deflategate investigation. Suspended players are allowed to play in preseason games, as the suspensions only apply to regular and playoff games. I still think Roger Goodell will end up falling on his sword before this is all done.
Less than 3 weeks now to the start of high school & college football season. Are you excited already?

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