Saturday, August 22, 2015

Celebrity Rock: Sunday Kind of Love (1982)

Robert Klein is one of the most respected and regarded comedians of our time. However, did you know that he started out as a doo-wop singer? Hey, I didn't, either, 'til I ran across this next item.

I was looking for something to justify a posting on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour, which, at the end of its run on CBS, was airing on Sunday afternoons, early enough to air ahead of both the news and Ed Sullivan. One wonders how many acts that first gained national exposure with Mack would later appear on Sullivan's stage. Klein, surely, was one of them, but by the time he was booked to appear with Sullivan or anyone else, he had swapped doo-wop for stand-up comedy.

In this concert clip from 1982 at Yale University, Klein recalls his doo-wop days with the Teen Tones (Never heard of them? Join the club!), and their entry for Mack, "Sunday Kind of Love". 25 years after Mack, Klein reposits "Sunday" as a potential adult contemporary cut----if he cared to record it.

Like, who knew?

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