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Dynasty Pro Wrestling presents Diamonds Are Forever II, 8/29/15

Dynasty Pro Wrestling returned to the Troy Boys & Girls Club tonight for the first time in nearly 5 months with "Diamonds Are Forever II", marking the promotion's 2nd anniversary. The first champion would be crowned, but was he really deserving? We'll soon find out.

Play-by-play announcer Brian Cady doubled as ring announcer, in place of the absent Matt James. That might actually be a good thing, since the sound was better this time.

1. DPW title tournament, 1st round: "The Elite Athlete" Mike Orlando def. Wolfgar, the Dragon Slayer.

Orlando has been making waves on the independent circuit, and this was his Troy debut. Wolfgar impressed in his Troy debut in April, beating Foxx Vinyer. Not so this time. Wolfgar gave up nearly 80 pounds, and spent too much time talking and playing to the crowd. Orlando was easily the crowd favorite, and took his time before dispatching Wolfgar to advance to the semifinals.

2. The Southern Boys def. Fungus in a "gauntlet match".

This started with Fungus vs. Matt Druse, which Fungus won. Bull Hightower, Druse's partner, was at the commentary desk, but then the shenanigans started when Cady announced this was now a gauntlet match. WWE did this several months back. It violates the spirit of competition, but then, common sense took a backseat to nonsense.

3. DPW title, 1st round: Chris Envy def. Ben Ortiz.

When last seen in town, Ortiz was confronted by the Hurricane, but nothing came of that. Since then, he made a cameo appearance on Ring of Honor television. You would think Ortiz was one of the favorites to win the tournament. In hindsight, maybe he should've. Envy tried the impossible, hitting a flip powerbomb, which looked sloppy, for the win. An angry Ortiz attacked after, and this would have an effect on Envy going forward.

4. DPW title, 1st round: Mike Verna (w/PJ Stackpole) def. Kyle Brad.

The other recurring theme on the card was Verna relying on Stackpole to get him a key advantage when simple power moves & domination wouldn't do. Stackpole hyperextended Brad's leg behind the ref's back, and Verna applied the Sharpshooter for the submission.

5. Foxx Vinyer def. Shawn Carr & Talon in a triple threat match.

If this leads to Vinyer getting a title shot, that would be fine, but what was he doing in with two cruiserweights? Vinyer's new gimmick is he has a glove that lights up at the touch of a button. He applies a brain claw, then switches to an STO, something Kenzo Suzuki did in WWE 10 years ago. Carr was pinned.

6. DPW title, 1st round: Capt. Wayno def. Travis Dorian.

Poor Mr. Mann. The Mann-Sons were matched against each other, and on paper, you'd think Dorian would go over and move on. Not so fast. Dorian dragged this out more than he needed to, and Wayno wrapped him in a cradle to pick up the surprise win.

Post-match, Verna & Stackpole came out, and Verna beat up Wayno. Uh-oh. See the pattern here, kids?

During the intermission, I had a chance to talk to Dorian, who was working a merchandise table. He acknowledged that, yes, he took the nickname, "The Goods", from the Jeremy Piven movie of the same name, which he put over as hilarious. Prior to the show, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart was in the house, along with Tatanka. Both are represented by Scott Wilder Promotions. Tatanka was also booked for Fantacon in Albany, and made the stop before, presumably returning to Albany. Both Hart & Tatanka were gone after the first match.

7. DPW semi-finals: Orlando def. Envy.

Envy sold the beatdown from Ortiz by appearing to have suffered a concussion. Orlando didn't want to fight, out of respect & concern, but Envy kept coming after him. Orlando finally ended it with a spinebuster-bomb (Titus O'Neil's Clash of the Titus).

8. DPW semi-finals: Verna def. Wayno.

Same formula, different submission result. Somehow, Stackpole got a hold of Mann's cane, and whacked Wayno with it. Verna locked on a crossface, and Wayno tapped. Post-match, Wayno shoved Mann away. Is this the end of the Mann-Sons?

9. Chuck Deep def. Brad Wesley in a table match.

This feud started back in January, and this was the blow-off. Wesley knew he had to man up and fight. One ref was bumped when Wesley ducked a dropkick off the middle rope, and the ref went through a table on the other side. That had me thinking someone else would come down, besides two extra refs, but nope. Wesley came off the top rope, but Deep met him with a spinebuster and drove him through.

After, Wesley cut a promo, and buried the hatchet. For now.

10. Mistress Belmont def. Arlene.

Arlene was the newcomer, and was greener than grass. She had a size advantage on Belmont, but one eye rake, followed by a schoolgirl with a handful of pants, gave Belmont the win. Like, seriously?

11. DPW finals: Verna def. Orlando to win the title.

Lame. Just way beyond stupid. The fans were already accepting that Verna couldn't win a match without Stackpole's help. Stackpole was knocked around pretty good, even getting nailed on an errant suicide dive by Verna. However, Stackpole held Orlando's attention long enough for Verna to hit a low blow, and use the same spinebuster bomb finish that Orlando had used. Post-match, Orlando made a comeback and laid out both heels.

Next show will be right back in Troy on October 24, appropriately billed as "Redemption".

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