Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Advertising For Dummies: Remember the talking Parkay tub? (1973)

How Kraft let Parkay margarine get away, I'll never know. Maybe Patriots owner Bob Kraft hated the stuff. Just kidding. Kraft Foods sold Parkay to ConAgra at the end of the 90's, around the time they tried reviving the talking tub gimmick with comedian-turned-politician Al Franken.

But, back in 1973, the talking tub was a hip, happening advertising gimmick. Actor Michael Bell was the voice behind the tub, which he demonstrated a year later when he appeared on the game show, Showoffs.

Here's a spot from 1974.

Later spots would feature NFL great Deacon Jones, and actors Vic Tayback and Tracey Gold, among others.

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