Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mr. Sensible changes his mind

On Sunday, he didn't want to play in the NFL. On Tuesday, New Hampshire tight end Scott Sicko signed a free agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys, who had been the team most interested in Sicko prior to last week's draft, but for some reason never drafted him.

Newly engaged, Sicko probably figured he was perhaps better served giving the pro game a shot after all. When he made his initial decision to pass on the NFL Sunday, Sicko was ripped by more than a few people, but for all the wrong reasons. Those same people are probably the ones ripping him yet again for changing his mind 48 hours later. There's no guarantee he'll be on Dallas' opening day roster come September, but for people in upstate New York, especially those who are in fact Cowboy fans (and I know a few personally), it would be a bonus. They can point to the Cowboys' star logo, puff their chests, and say that one of our own had made the team. We'll know for sure in about 4 months.

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