Friday, April 16, 2010

A triumph for common sense

On Tuesday, at a meeting of the Troy Booster Club, it was announced that, contrary to a proposal the previous day, there will be sports and other after-school activities in the coming school year. Apparently, the school board came to their senses and realized that taking away sports, even for one year, would blunt the momentum built by Troy High's teams, especially in football, putting them in a rebuilding posture they don't belong in.

In a case of journalistic absurdity, while the Albany Times-Union reported on this cheerful development in Wednesday's editions, the Troy Record needed two days to get all the details. While the Record is routinely a day behind their competitors with wire service articles, it struck me as odd that an article on the decision appeared in Thursday's editions. I guess maybe it has to deadlines and other priorities, but a story of local interest that affects the home city of the paper should be of a higher priority, shouldn't it?

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