Monday, April 19, 2010

Weasel of the Week: Matthew Clemmons

I'm a little late handing out weasel ears, but this loser certainly deserves them.

Matthew Clemmons, 21, of Cherry Hill, NJ, was at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on April 14 to see a Phillies game with a friend. The two drew the ire of an off-duty Philadelphia police officer and his 2 daughters by repeatedly cursing during the game. Apparently, things weren't going well for the 3-time NL East champs. Anyway, the friend was ejected by security. Clemmons, in retaliation, decided to intentionally vomit on the cop and his kids. Real intelligent, Matthew. NOT!

Clemmons would end the night in jail on disorderly conduct charges after getting into a scuffle with the cop, which resulted in Clemmons suffering a black eye.

In general, Philadelphia sports fans have been stereotyped as boorish and disrespectful. There is one legendary incident where they actually booed Santa Claus, of all people. And let's not forget the incident last year where some over-inebriated jerk decided to use a laser pointer on players from the St. Louis Cardinals during a nationally televised game. That clown was never caught, because the Phillies fans let him escape, especially since his antics turned the tide that day. Laser pens are prohibited for safety reasons, and that July game was exhibit "A" for all the world to see.

Matthew Clemmons clearly had too much to drink to the point of opting for a self-induced regurgitation in answer to his friend being tossed from the park. One more reason that children should never, ever talk to strangers.

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