Monday, April 12, 2010

No one expects---or fears--the atheist inquisition

I thought that when the news broke of Catholic priests being accused of sexually molesting young boys a few years ago, it was mostly a regional matter, confined to my home district. No such luck!

Now comes news that supposedly Pope Benedict, when he was still a Cardinal in his native Germany, had obstructed an investigation into similar allegations there. The Pope is scheduled to visit England in September, so a pair of British atheists have decided to petition for legal action, specifically, to have Pope Benedict arrested when he arrives in London.

Oh, please! Give me a freakin' break! Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins seem to think that the pontiff isn't entitled to diplomatic immunity as a head of state since the Vatican is---to them, anyway----in more of an observing position, based in Rome. Hello? Reality check time, jabronies!!

Religious leaders, like the Pope or the Dalai Lama, are treated as diplomats, since they're ambassadors. Pope Benedict will be a visiting dignitary when he visits England in September, and thus would be afforded diplomatic immunity. Same thing if he were to return to the States down the line. Case closed.

If Hitchens & Dawkins don't like it, maybe they can do something constructive to pass the time instead of risking their feeble reputations on baseless accusations. Maybe they can campaign to make tiddly-winks a national sport. Yeah, like that'll work!

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