Thursday, April 7, 2022

Shillin' With The Ranger: The Lone Ranger for Amoco (1988)

 Having long settled his case with the rights holders to The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore suited up at least one more time in 1988 in this shortie for Amoco gasoline:

In those days, classic reruns were still airing, but now on cable, instead of syndicated channels.


Roger Owen Green said...

For some reason, earlier this week I was telling my wife how the animated Flintstones show 1) was on ABC-TV prime time in the early '60s, and 2) they did commercial sfor Winston cigarettes.

hobbyfan said...


Over at Saturday Morning Archives, I have a clip, a sponsor tag, I believe, from that era. Just look up Winston Cigarettes or Flintstones in the search box, and you'll find it.