Friday, September 16, 2022

Shipping migrants to Massachusetts or anywhere else is not "owning the libs". It's shirking responsibility

 Back in April, Texas Governor Greg "Shakedown" Abbott began sending buses of migrants, or, undocumented immigrants, to Washington and Chicago. Why? Because the Republicans are obsessed with "owning the libs" and sticking it to the Biden administration. Abbott is claiming that the Biden administration is doing nothing about migrants crossing the border. They don't have to if you do things the way you're supposed to, jackass.

Knowing full well the heat was on him, Abbott convinced fellow GOPer governor Ron DeStupid to join in. Abbott & DeStupid arranged for migrants to be brought to Florida earlier this week. As you know, they've since been flown to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, where they were welcomed with open arms. Fox Shmooze had a camera crew there to record DeStupid's little stunt.

He's a Trump wanna-be.

Now, we're learning that Fox's Tabloid Carlson put the idea forward two months ago on his garbage hour to send migrants to Martha's Vineyard. Of course, Carlson made some racist remarks on his Thursday show, but the fun's soon going to come to an end, assuming the White House convinces the Department of Justice to crack down on Abbott & DeStupid.

This is not about "owning the libs", in this writer's opinion. It is about shirking and dodging responsibility. It is about passing the buck on addressing the migrant issue for DeStupid and Abbott, and other GOPer leaders, such as Arizona's Doug "Acey" Ducey. The White House issued a statement Thursday blasting DeStupid & Abbott as being "cruel". Wasting taxpayer dollars is cruel, all right, torture on the taxpayers because their leaders don't want the responsibility.

Update, 10:21 am (ET): Farron Cousins breaks it all down:


DeStupid is up for re-election in November. He needs to be taken down, if not by the voters, but by the DOJ. If he falls, the dominoes will follow behind him. It needs to happen.

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