Thursday, September 29, 2022

When icons meet: Forrest Tucker on Marcus Welby, MD (1974)

This one's for Hal Horn at The Horn Section:

From season 6 of Marcus Welby, MD:

Forrest Tucker (ex-Dusty's Trail, F-Troop) plays a police officer tasked to rush his pregnant daughter to the hospital, but an accident exacerbates the situation, and so does the revelation that the caring father also is dealing with issues of his own.

Comenters on YouTube believe "The Brittle Warrior" ranks among Tucker's best work.

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Hal said...

Thanks for posting, looking forward to checking it out as I vaguely recall this one, but haven't seen it since Welby was in reruns on local Ch. 39 around 1980 or so.

Tuck had several performances during this period that coulda/shoulda received Emmy consideration. His KOJAK from 1976 "On the Edge" and the TV movie WELCOME HOME, JOHNNY BRISTOL certainly rank among those for me.

hobbyfan said...

In "Johnny Bristol", he co-starred with Martin Landau, IIRC. Have to look for that and the Kojak ep.