Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Classic Reborn: Concentration (1973)

Six months had passed since NBC pulled the plug on Concentration, ending a nearly 15 year run. A casual flip of the dial one night found that the series had returned, now in syndication, and taped in Hollywood. Not only that, but Mark Goodson & Bill Todman had picked up the rights.

Veteran MC Jack Narz was chosen to helm the new Concentration. Around this period, Narz hosted another Goodson-Todman game for CBS, Now You See It, which didn't quite last as long. In fact, Concentration spent a good five years in syndication, bringing its overall total to 20 years on the air when the series ended a 2nd time.

The series would return nearly a decade later for another 4 year run, back on NBC, still under the Goodson banner (Todman had passed on), but with ever-busy Alex Trebek (Jeopardy!) hosting. We'll cover that another day, but here's one from the Narz era. Another game show icon, Wink Martindale, has his own YouTube channel, from whence we get this entry:

For what it's worth, and it probably ain't much, the Trebek series had Classic added to the title, as if NBC was afraid viewers would stay away. Who were they trying to fool?

Rating: A.

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