Monday, March 16, 2015

Jack Webb does comedy (The Tonight Show, 1968)

If you thought that Jack Webb was all work and no play, with the closest thing to a joke being on radio (Pat Novak For Hire), think again.

Webb branched out and tried a radio comedy show in 1946. Didn't get very far, but then.......! 22 years later, with Dragnet a hit again, Webb appeared on The Tonight Show and did a quick 2:00 skit with Johnny Carson that went down in history as one of the greatest skits in the Carson era (1962-92). If you know anything about tongue twisters, then you're ready for the "Copper Clapper Caper":

You might not know this, but none of Carson's writers, nor Carson himself, wrote the skit. Webb did. Like, who knew Joe Friday actually had a sense of humor?

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