Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Old Time Radio: Let George Do It (1946)

George Valentine, newly returned from the war, is eager to find work. However, unable to find gainful employment, he hires himself out as a detective-for-hire.

Let George Do It ran for 8 years (1946-54), and starred Bob Bailey in the title role for most of the run. When Bailey left to do Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Olan Soule, better known for his television work (i.e. Dragnet, The Andy Griffith Show, Captain Midnight), stepped in to succeed Bailey.

The Internet Archive presents the series opener, "The First Client":

It plays like some of those lighter detective movies, but things would get serious as time wore on. For the uninitiated, the part of Caleb, the elevator operator, was played by Joseph Kearns, a radio veteran who is also better known for TV (Dennis The Menace). Frances Robinson is the Janet Waldo soundalike as Claire, the first of three actresses to essay the part.

Rating: B+.

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