Friday, March 27, 2015

On DVD: George Jones' Golden Hits (1994)

This one's for the "caveat emptor" file. In case you don't know, that Latin phrase translates to, "let the buyer beware".

I was shopping the other week, and figured I'd grab a discount DVD or two to pad out the collection. Being that I was raised on country music, why not one of the legends, like George Jones?

Well, as it turns out, Jones' 1994 "Golden Hits" compilation is a wee bit deceiving. Promising "vintage performances", it ends up with a bit of a cheat at the end. While the tracks, such as 1959's "White Lightning", are shown in chronological order, the last portion of the DVD is actually concert footage with guests Mark Chesnutt & Tracy Lawrence sitting in on "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair".

Personally, I wasn't much of a fan of Jones. I was more of a Charley Pride/Johnny Cash/Tom T. Hall guy. Scope out the DVD.

I guess Jones wasn't much for making music videos, as a large chunk of the clips, even during the dawn of the music video era, come from various TV shows, such as POP! Goes the Country and the Grammy Awards.

Rating: C-.

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