Saturday, March 28, 2015

Old Time Radio: Meet Corliss Archer (1943)

Back around Christmas 2013, we reviewed the TV version of Meet Corliss Archer. Now, it's time to go further back to the radio show.

Corliss began as a story in a magazine, and was picked up for radio in 1943, heard on ABC & CBS radio during its run. For the majority of the run, Corliss was portrayed by Janet Waldo, better known for her cartoon work (i.e. The Jetsons). One of her first cartoon roles came when she was working on Corliss, a Tom & Jerry short for MGM. You'll recognize her voice as Corliss as the same one she used, beginning in 1962, as Judy Jetson.

Right now, we'll go back to 1947 for an episode sponsored by Campbell's Soups. "The Beauty Contest":

Corliss was adapted into comics around 1948, but Fox Comics could only generate 3 issues. As with a lot of Golden Age books, it's still a collector's item, especially with photo covers of Janet Waldo on 2 of the issues.

Rating: B.

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