Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Musical Interlude: Gonna Getcha (1966)

Ok, kids, time for a little history lesson.

Jaye P. Morgan (or "Jaye P. Morgone (pronounced Mor-goan)", as Chuck Barris would introduce her on The Gong Show) was a singer before becoming an actress and game show panelist. Even recorded with Perry Como. Her recording days had ended when she signed on for Gong, but her experience served her well as a judge when it came to musical acts.

To prove the point, here's Jaye, with blonde hair, no less (she might've gone to the dye bottle in the 70's), guest-starring on My Three Sons, from Season 7 (1966), performing "Gonna Getcha". Co-star Don Grady leads the band.

It's too bad Chuck never asked Jaye to sing on Gong. While it might've diluted the impact of the parody concept, it would've helped.

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