Monday, March 2, 2015

What Might've Been: Gemini Man (1976)

After flopping with an adaptation of H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man, Universal & NBC decided to try again. Only the name of the show was changed, but the concept of the series remained the same, with one twist.

In Gemini Man, secret agent Sam Casey (Ben Murphy, ex-Alias Smith & Jones) is exposed to some radiation whilst on a underwater mission. He is turned invisible, but regains visibility by means of a DNA stabilizer, shaped like a wristwatch. Casey can only be invisible for 15 minutes per day. Any longer, and he dies.

The pilot aired in May 1976, with the series launched 5 months later. Unfortunately, it lasted a scant more than a month before it was cancelled. Like David McCallum's Invisible Man, Gemini Man simply was on the wrong night of the week.

Here's the intro:

The complete series did air in other countries, which seem to put less value on television ratings.

Rating: B.

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